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Round Saw Leveler

The Williams and White Round Saw Center is built for rugged service and long life. It combines a stretcher roll and anvil bench with hydraulic power. Maintenance of large saws is improved, while operator safety is increased and costs are reduced. Features:

  • A single machine containing an anvil bench with a stretcher roll.
  • Stretcher can add or remove tension or straighten the saw plate without requiring a change of rolls 
  • Anvil face is 8" x 14" and crowned. Ni-Hard material, 60 RC all the way through
  • Floating cradle supports the anvil, and allows the face to float
  • Carriage is heavy duty fabrication, precision machined and runs on ground "V" rails
  • Saw lift takes the saw from a vertical plane to the horizontal
  • Spindle is supported on ball and roller bearings. The body is threaded to provide height adjustment
  • Spindle lift allows spindle to be retracted so the saw eye can be placed on the anvil and hammered
  • Enclosed base, with hydraulic power pack inside and electrical components mounted at the rear
  • All controls are located in a convenient central panel that is movable
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